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Charmaine Williams is a creative who lives life intentionally by honoring individuals’ humanity, giving words of affirmation and cultivating spaces of courageous vulnerability.

Charmaine is the proud daughter of Apostle Mal and Pastor Mary Williams. Under the leadership of her parents, Charmaine has ministered in most of the 50 states, various parts of Europe, France, Czech-Republic and Slovakia. 


Alongside her father's music ministry, Charmaine has professionally recorded nine albums serving as a lead vocalist and background vocal producer and as well as a featured vocalist for many other artists. 


Charmaine is a passionate English and Language Arts Educator. She leads a life dedicated to providing quality instruction and being an advocate for students.


Charmaine is the author of "Confessions of a Broken Church Girl" and owner of AlwaysCharmaine.  AlwaysCharmaine is a company dedicated to providing spaces that encourage belonging, brave honesty and love. AlwaysCharmaine annually hosts, "Like Mother, Like Daughter" brunches, "State of the Family Conference" and a talk-show "When People Talk" with her brother Mal J.

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