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Charmaine Williams is a creative who lives life intentionally by honoring individuals’ humanity, giving words of affirmation and cultivating spaces of courageous vulnerability.

Charmaine is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University and has a Masters Degree in Secondary Education.


Charmaine is a passionate English and Language Arts Educator. She leads a life dedicated to being an advocate for students and colleagues.

Charmaine founded, The Controlled Chaos Academy, an interactive Classroom Management Bootcamp for Educators!


This program focuses on building community through transformative learning experiences that translate into tangible academic growth!

Charmaine is the proud daughter of Apostle Mal and Pastor Mary Williams. Under the leadership of her parents, Charmaine has ministered in most of the 50 states, and various parts of Europe, including France, Czech-Republic and Slovakia. 



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“This book was great in asking you to dig deep and be honest about the issues YOU have. Although I no longer am involved in church life, I remember being taught to bring my problems to the altar and/or give it all to Jesus. None of it worked cause I walked out with my issues still, but I looked the part of being "healed". Most of us are conditioned to identify our issues as the result of what someone did to us. And although that can be true, YOU also play a huge part in how YOU allow those results to become embedded into your attitude, your emotions, your life. YOU can chose to blame others forever or forgive & "get your life together"!

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Book Reviews

“Charmaine is the Princess of Transparency” - 

The Unapologetic Sister Podcast

“I highly recommend “Confessions Of A Broken Church Girl” for any woman who has struggled with the attempt to uphold the unattainable standard of perfection.  We all face some type of tragedy in our lives, and it is an awesome reminder to all (especially “church girls”), that it is necessary AND okay to be transparent about life’s struggles..  The journal pages and activities included are a great interactive touch that will assist you in taking an introspective and honest look on your journey toward healing.  Once I started reading and relating to the truths outlined in the book, I couldn’t put it down.  This is an awesome read!”

Courtney DuBose

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